Woman, life, freedom

France, Cyprus, Germany, USA, Iran

Half of society is not seen. Her desires, her needs, her thoughts, her body and everything related to her. The movement - woman, life, freedom - was formed from these words. A movement that reached outside the borders of Iran and revealed the hidden face of Iranian women. Now Iranian women consider being demanding as a priority in their lives, even if they are ignored.

What we have inherited for children

France, Iran, Cyprus, Turkey

Faces pressed on hard and cold surfaces are the legacies for our #children. Everything started from friskiness, with shop windows and cars’ glass in front of us, and in the end, the "insignificant" pain that happened to make us laugh, however, as time passed, the pain was no longer "insignificant". Gradually it penetrated more and more until it turned out to be a profound one.
Now, the traces that warmth of their faces leave on glass in the cold season, for me, is the representative of the children of the culture I live in.
Children whose names intermingled with the words that will fade out any childhood fantasies, words like rape, war, violence, immigration, work, malnutrition and so on. And more than ever their images play on a two-dimensional screen. But the authenticity of the event occurs beyond it in "seeing" with a much broader extent.

Body and humanity

France, Turkey, Iran, Switzerland, Cyprus

Our body is our identity and it is formed or changed during our social life. Individualism and lack of deep social connections lead us to isolation.
This is the challenge of living in big cities in the contemporary world and it threatens all cultures.

Right To Life

Turkey, Cyprus, Iran

We as a kind of living thing on earth are changing the environment's natural rules, by intervention in Organisms. Humans in many cases are guilty for the extinction of other creatures. And it would be a big challenge for us in future, especially for the new generations.