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In a world gripped by the devastating consequences of global warming and human-induced climate change, our Social Art initiative is committed to leveraging the power of art to raise awareness, instigate action, and drive change. In this pitch deck, we outline our objectives, strategies, and actions aimed at combatting climate change through creative expression and collaboration.

Step into the vibrant world of OllOFLOW, where boundless creativity intertwines with unwavering sustainability. Our audacious mission goes beyond the ordinary; it’s a bold call to rewrite the narrative on how society grapples with environmental challenges. We’re here to catalyze a seismic shift in the fight against climate change, embolden an inclusive alliance, and demand unyielding commitment from governments. Together, we’ll sculpt a future where art, activism, and ambition unite to thwart the relentless advance of global warming.”







Gheshm Island


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Gheshm Island


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